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What Kind of Business Card Was in American Psycho?

American Psycho is one of the most iconic horror/thriller movies of all time, the Amazing Christian Bale played the character of a psycho named Patrick Bateman and the movie is still regarded as one of the best performances by a lead, even though Christian is known to give it all to his roles and a number of his movies have been massive hits, this particular movies just had something else where he was absolutely brilliant in every single scene, our focus of attention is the iconic business card scene which went on to gather wide acclaims, the Pierce & Pierce business card became so iconic that people would go to printing stores and use it as reference and the service providers aren’t surprised till date if someone orders a similar card, Metal Kards is the most name where I live and they get frequent orders of the Patrick Bateman or Paul Allen’s business card.

Business Cards

The kind of card that Patrick Bateman had in the film is a Garmando Classic SC, this is a type which became an instant hit after the movie and is considered as one of the classics, as the details were explained by Bateman himself the experts only wanted a few clues and they were able to figure out what type of card it was, printed on a Bone colored paper and Silian Rail being its base fictional typeface this became an all-time classic just like the movies,

The truth is that the card was iconic and you can get it printed and keep it as a collectible but for business cards there are better and efficient designs and colors available for you because it has been more than two decades since the movie released and the designs and printing patterns have evolved.

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Preeti Shenoy